The Hard Choice: Supporting Your Transgender Child

transgender symbol and flag

I was invited to be a guest blogger by Dara Hoffman Fox. She is a gender therapist and runs a site called Conversations with a Gender Therapist.

Here is the link to the blog that appeared on her site.

A while back I wrote another post on the concept of choice also. Remember, please, that we don’t choose our sexual orientation, gender identity or eye color. We do choose how accepting we are. We choose whether to support our children. As a parent, I cannot imagine not being there for my child, regardless of who they love, how they dress or what gender they affirm.

I look forward to hearing from other parents of transgender individuals. How are you coping and handling things in your world?


2 thoughts on “The Hard Choice: Supporting Your Transgender Child

  1. My parents won’t accept it until I either move out or “see a therapist”. Healthcare kicks in next month, and rumor is Starbucks covers trans-related healthcare.

    Their loss in not accepting me as their son. I’ll be moving out by the summer; hopefully, be on hormones by then, too.


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