Shopping Sizing Tips for Trans* Masculine or Trans* Feminine

Shopping for clothes can and should be a positive experience. The following tips and tricks can be applied to any body – large or small, masculine or feminine, fat or thin, short or tall, and anyone in between or outside of the norm.

  • For the best results – KNOW YOUR BODY SHAPE AND SIZE!
  • Use a sewing tape measure (standard is 60”/ large is 120”) which can be purchased at any drugstore, craft store, or online and MEASURE

The 4 most important measurements are:

  1. The fullest part of your chest
  2. Your waist
  3. Your hips
  4. Your inseam

tape measureStore SIZE CHARTS are a shopper’s best friend and will vary from store to store. Most times, these store size charts can be found online at the store’s website and doing your sizing research before actually shopping will allow you to more accurately and confidently pull the right sizes off the rack the first or second time around!

Pay LESS ATTENTION to what “department” you are shopping in/from and MORE ATTENTION to finding the right fit and look you desire REGARDLESS OF THE GENDER OF THE CLOTHING DEPARTMENT OR NUMBERED SIZING.

Be creative and think outside of the box when it comes to finding clothing that fits, feels, and looks good – ESPECIALLY if the articles of clothing are UNISEX STYLES.


Transfeminine folks might find that PLUS SIZE women’s sizing might provide a better fit than average MISSES sizing.

Transmasculine folks might find that BOYS sizing might provide a better fit than average MENS sizing.

Finding clothes to wear that look and feel good.

You and only you will be able to decide what you feel you are comfortable wearing. There is no right or wrong and just like anyone, shopping is about trial and error. So get out there and SHOP CONFIDENTLY – because when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good!

This post was written by Aris, one of our Ally Moms.

3 thoughts on “Shopping Sizing Tips for Trans* Masculine or Trans* Feminine

  1. For trans feminine many folks would want to shop for women’s tall sizes to get longer inseam and sleeves than average.


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