Why can’t things be easy?

Sometimes, life is so complicated I want to scream and cry at the same time. Like I shared in my last post, it’s not the big things that send me running, it’s the day to day frustrations that put me over the edge.

blank-prescription-pad-13985899Hunter leaves for camp soon. He is counting down the days. We have some shopping to do ahead of time — he needs a waterproof jacket because the one we originally bought was lost two years ago on a fateful canoe trip and last year we borrowed one. No biggie. He needs a warm hat because I shrunk last year’s favorite hat. And so on. Then, we pack and share in his excitement that he gets to be in his happy place for 42 days.

In the meantime, I am trying to get his meds filled ahead of time. Since he will be out of the country I won’t be able transfer a prescription to a neighboring state’s pharmacy or drive the meds up to camp when it’s time to refill. You would not believe the hoops I am jumping through to make this happen.

I asked the doctor to give me a pre-authorization for the pharmacy and/or insurance company. “Oh, we don’t do that,” I was told, “You have to call the pharmacy.” So, I called the pharmacy and was told that I had to call the insurance company.


Finally, the pharmacy agreed to talk to the insurance company. Now, the insurance company wants an authorization from the doctor since Hunter is going out of the country. We have just gone full circle.

Oh, and let me tell you that the pharmacist didn’t even want to call the insurance company until 2 days before Hunter leaves.


I am about to cry. My son needs 42 days worth of meds — three different prescriptions from two different doctors — that need to be filled and paid for by insurance. If they won’t do it, we are talking about an out of pocket cost of about $1000! This bureaucratic red tape is ridiculous.

Our lives are complicated enough without having to deal with stuff like this on a regular basis. I needed to vent. Tell me, what puts you over the edge?


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